Sauna Persona Grate

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The architectural expression of a typical sauna SAUNA PERSONA GRATE exceeds the concept of modernity. It looks impressive: curved facades, aesthetically decorated with planks, surprising windows that reach almost the ceiling. The only round window of the sauna on the side façade is even more fascinating. When you enter the sauna, it turns out that the particular shape of the window repeats the bed, giving the illusion that it is losing its boundaries with the environment.


Other info about SAUNA PERSONA GRATE

• building length – 6.2 m, width – 4.2 m (excluding the size of the terrace);

• height – 3 m;

• total wall thickness – 200 mm (with 150 mm thermal insulation);

• base – concrete or screws;

• floors – lacquered wood;

• shower and toilet;

• the basic price is 31 500 EUR

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